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We Bought a Food Cart!

Did you know that according to CNN Travel, Portland is declared home to the world's best street food? There are approximately 600 tiny kitchens all around Portland & we are about to add another one to that count because...* drum roll please* we are now food cart owners!!

To be honest, starting our business with a food cart was not our first choice. We really wanted to be in a building, but things just didn't align that way, & that is okay. We believe in divine timing. So instead of putting our plans on pause, we thought of the next best way to move forward & started looking into food carts. (As I mentioned above, food carts are huge in this area and we figured why not give it a try).

As we were researching, things started falling into place very quickly. We spent a lot of time on craigslist searching for food carts, and soon found a cart that we liked. From there we had to find a place to park our cart and we found a food pod near us. We knew that we wanted to remain in the west side suburbs because we see a need for more plant-based food in this area. There have been a lot of other small details to work out but for the most part it has been a smooth process. Definitely a lot "easier" than locking down a location. We learned a lot when we were searching for a location that has helped our food cart process go faster. So, we are thankful for that.

We have now started the work on the trailer and are so excited with how plans are turning out. We hope to be open & serving the community by January 2020! We will soon be announcing our location, so that you know where to find us.

We are looking forward to sharing all of our updates with you, and cannot wait for you to see the final look of the trailer. The before and after pictures are going to surprise you! So for now, here are a couple pictures of our new baby.

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