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The New World of Entrepreneurship

As we begin this venture we are entering a world that is very new for us, and that is the world of entrepreneurship. There is much I could say about what we have already learned so early into our journey, and yet I know there’s much more learning and growing to come.

I think that if you want to be successful you should take advice from the people who have the success you desire. So that is what we have been doing. Thankfully we live in the age of podcasts, where the knowledge and advice is endless.

It has been helpful to listen to people who have been in the entrepreneur world longer than we have and who can give us an insight into what it really takes to succeed.

A recurring theme in most of these successful entrepreneurs advice is this: always start before you are ready. So I wanted to talk about it because I believe this to be one of the first steps in diving into something unknown and scary (like entrepreneurship).

So what does starting before you are ready mean? Does that mean you just jump into something without even thinking about it or knowing the details? Well, no not quite. For us it just meant coming to the realization that if we waited until we were “ready”, we would probably be 50 years old. I don’t think people should sit around and wait until they are “ready”. The time is always now.

We also came to terms with the fact that we were not going to know everything about running a vegan café. Absolutely nobody has it all figured out when starting or even several years in. But that should never be one of the reasons that stops you from going for what you want.

Along these lines something else we learned is to be decisive. We both went back and forth a bit when the idea to open this café first came up, and I will admit I was extra indecisive. I think that when it comes to entrepreneurship or life in general you need to be decisive and choose a door. You will either pick door A or door B but you need to make things happen and take action. Whatever door you pick, make the best out of it and make any situation a good one.

We decided to pick the “open up your vegan café door” and we started taking action to make things happen. We are looking forward to continue growing and learning as we navigate this new world.

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