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Eat your greens, and your purples, and your reds, and your yellows...

Naming things can be hard.

For example: naming your children, naming your pets, naming your book, naming your projects, and naming your company. Ya get the picture. Naming our soon-to-be café was also not an easy task. We wanted to pick a name that represented what we believe food should embody.

So, after going back and forth we decided to stick with Hue Vegan Café. We liked the ring to it and decided that it represented the different kinds of food we wanted to serve, which is food with different colors and hues.

Personally, if I had to choose between a plate with food that is all the same color vs. a plate with food that looks like a rainbow, has different colors and textures, I would pick the colorful plate. Wouldn’t you? Unless you really like your single colored meals (we could probably change your mind).

We really believe that eating food that comes from nature, with its beautiful colors, variety, textures, tastes, and smells is the way to go. With each naturally occurring color we see in food come a unique amazing set of nutrients, and like anything in life balance is key. Eating meals with a good variety of colors is going to help balance the nutrients in your diet.

The name Hue is a representation of the kind of food that we want to serve: colorful, vibrant, aesthetically pleasing, nutritious plant-based food that makes you feel good and alive.

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