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5 Pros and 1 Con to the Farmers' Markets!

Hi Guys! Karisa here! You'll usually be hearing from Loany here, but right now she's on an amazing trip to Israel and I'm over here slaving away on our blog (I'm not jealous at all). Anyways I wanted to give you all a quick update on how the farmers' markets are going if you haven't been able to come check them out yet.

First, if you don't already know we're selling smoothies and bowls at the Hillsboro Farmers' Markets this summer. You can go to our Events page to find the dates, or go to the Hillsboro Farmers' Markets website to learn more about the markets.

So here's a quick list of pros and cons that I've observed at the markets so far:


  1. I get to drink as many smoothies as I want! I don't know how much fruit is too much fruit, but there's a chance that I'm getting close to that point.

  2. I get to meet lots of awesome people who care about good quality food, health, and sustainability.

  3. I get to work with my mom, my best friend, and my sister.

  4. I observed the cutest moment when a little boy walking by our booth saw our stainless steel straws for sale. He stopped in his tracks, raised his hands up in the air, and yelled "SAVE THE TURTLES"! Then he ran over to us and bought a straw.

  5. I get to be part of an thriving community, and have already become friends with the other venders around me who all support each other and the mission to serve our customers.


  1. IT IS VERY HOT! For some reason I didn't think about how hot It would be setting up for a market at 3 pm in the middle of the summer.

As you can see from this disproportionate list the markets have been so much fun, and I really don't have much to complain about. I hope to see you there sometime this summer.

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