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Come visit our food cart! We are now located only at our original location in Aloha


The mission of Hue Vegan Cafe is to provide healthy, vibrant, aesthetically pleasing, plant based foods that help to bring wellness and joy to our customers, and to use our platform as a service to educate our community about health and wellbeing.



Hue Vegan Cafe was founded in 2019 and is owned by Karisa Ing, and Loany Garrido. Karisa is a lifelong resident of Beaverton, OR. After 23 years of cooking, eating, and being exposed to all kinds of health foods, especially plant based foods she decided to fill the need that she saw for local vegan restaurants in the westside suburbs of Portland.


Loany grew up in Minnesota and met Karisa while they were volunteering overseas. When she heard about the idea of opening up a Vegan Cafe in Beaverton she knew that this was something she wanted to be a part of. Unlike Karisa, she did not grow up eating or being exposed healthy foods. She switched to a plant-based diet in high school and it changed her life, her health, and her family’s health. Getting to share plant-based foods and wellness with those around them is something both of them are extremely passionate about.


Sourcing local and sustainable ingredients is a top priority for Hue Vegan Cafe. Knowing where our food and supplies come from not only helps us to create more nutritious food, but it is also the most responsible way to limit our negative environmental impact. As a small business we also place a high value on supporting other small businesses. Making our foods simple and from scratch allows the natural ingredients to speak for themselves and helps us keep highly processed foods off our menu.

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